New item Black King in Auto Chess

New item came to auto chess which is Black King Bar. Black King Bar makes Mage synergy got a big indirect nerf with it.The newest patch comes with a buff for the six knights’ bonus and a rework of blink Dagger through other changes.Dota Auto Chess (DAC) Black King Bar (BKB) Just same in Dota 2, the Black King Bar Counters magic damage.

It has simple method like Dota 2, in addition its more effective than in Dota2. Black King Bar doesn’t have any changes in dota auto chess, so its grants you 100% spell immunity and magic resistance for 8 sec. BKB will grant a chess piece, 15 attack damage and 15% max HP. BKB it’s combination of Mithril Hammer and Ogre Axe. The Ogre Axe also a new item in dota auto chess, but it doesn’t combine with anything else.

Item Rework

Blink Dagger: its grant +25% mana from taking a damage. and its more effective with pieces like Tidehunter or Techies.

Heart of Tarrasque: +1000 Max HP plus +30% Max HP, and 1% HP regeneration per 2 sec.Blade Mail: Decrease damage reflection duration from 5 to 4 sec.

The latest patch in addition to item changes, it make a buff for the six of knights’ synergy.

• Metamorphosis bonus damage increased from 50/100/200 to 100/150/200.

• Six knights holy protection team proc chance increased from 35% to 40%.

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