Auto Chess Update 18 May

An update has been published for Dota Auto Chess. After this update, you don’t need to press to “Q” to place the pieces. You able to place by pressing left click. Also you don’t need to place to board the pieces which you want to upgrade to next star. If they are on the bench, they will be upgraded automatically.

Auto Chess Update 18 May Patch Notes;

You can move your pieces directly among your bench slots.

Optimized melee pieces’ AI to allow them attack and cast abilities diagonally.

Optimized AI of Jugg, QoP, Axe, Tiny etc. They’ll no longer cast abilities when no enemies are around.

Optimized the ability backswing of Morphing and Sniper, and fixed a bug which Waveform causing Morphling landing on an unexpected square.

Summoned units’ AI have optimized. They will now immediately start battling after being summoned.

Barrier of Priests now simply rounds the amount of damage reduced to the nearest integer instead of always rounding down.

Reworked animate portrait to correctly display pieces and Couriers as much as possible. (Most of the Couriers are seen as blank previously).

Improved accuracy in calculating last standing times to avoid players who died at the same instance receiving different ranking and rewards.

Shadow Shaman’s Hex and Scythe of Vyse now tend to target higher-leveled pieces.

Reworked some cosmetic items for Drow Ranger and Clockwerk.

Fixed Minor bugs in auto chess.

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