Auto Chess Mobile On The Way!

Auto Chess Mobile is coming!

But Auto Chess Mobile may be a bit different than we expected.

Nobody expected Dota Auto Chess to be this much popular until about a month ago. But as of the moment, this game mode, which is completely fan-made, is one of Steam’s much sought-after productions. Now, because of this interest, the producers are preparing to proceed to the next step. In recent times, Dota Auto Chess will take its place on mobile platforms.

In order to understand the success attained by Dota Auto Chess, it is necessary to explain the game. If the game is simply explained, it is a multiple chess tournament with Dota characters. There are eight players in each match and each player has a chessboard. What’s more, Dota Auto-Chess offers players some gold per turn and the amount of this gold income is increasing according to the winned series or the total amount gold of players’.

Players use the golds in question for add new Dota characters to their boards. The values of the characters range from 1 to 5, each character having different traits and sets of strokes. In addition to this, characters belong to a certain class and genre. If there are some characters of the same class or genre on the board, the characters are experiencing certain power increases.

Another way to make characters stronger is by collecting three of the same characters. So you can move the character to the second level. Again in the same way, you can get a third level character by collecting three same character from the second levels. To win the game, you need to combine third-level characters from the same genre.

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In addition to all these strategic details, there is also a great chance factor in Dota Auto Chess. The game offers five characters each round randomly and the players make a choice from within five characters. Sometimes the players get the chance to get a second level character from the first round, and sometimes the wanted character cannot be matched through the tours. The game does not repeat itself with all this high chance factor and strategic diversity in Dota Auto-Chess. Thus, the game mode offers a different experience every time an it reached a total of six million players in a short time.

For these reasons,  there is not much surprise news to Dota Auto-Chess to take place on mobile platforms. But the details of the news, especially the annoying type, are quite worth talking about. Firstly, this game mode is completely fan-made. The same team will design the game for version on mobile platforms. For now the team can not get Valve support, so this team will be deprived of Dota name and its  characters.

In addition, Drodo Studios is planning to produce a similar production to the Dota Auto Chess name and its characters, yet they say that they are still planning a game focused on China at the moment. Then the team consisting of four people at the moment, they say that they cannot overcome the problems created by other regions and languages. As a studio, even though they want to present a global game, they also make it clear that it is not possible to make a promise for today.

Yet the team still has hopes to get the support of Valve, and I have to add as someone who loves Dota Auto-Chess, I hope this happens. I’m sure that Drodo Studios will create a faster game that will appeal to the eye with received support. Otherwise, I’m quite curious about the game to be designed. Finally, Dota Auto-Chess, who has conquered our hearts in the last month, it will somehow meet with us from the mobile platform.

Let’s see how this will happen at the end of the day. We looking forward.

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