Auto Chess Assassins with Goblins

Early Game

Getting the 3 goblins at the beginning is must be easy if you are not a damned player. Timbersaw and Clockwerk or Tinker as mechs, active the buff which given +15 hp generation for all mechs. A Bounty Hunter as the third unit willl active the goblin buff. You shouldn’t underestimate this. You’ll have a random serious tank every round. It might be even your assassin.

3 Goblins Grants a random ally +15 armor and +10 HP regeneration.
6 Goblins grant all allies with +15 armor and +10 HP regeneration.

The mechs will survive you till you gather the assassins. Even though the goblins are good choice to be alive at the beginning, there is no chance in order to get win. If you want to play assassins with goblins, you have to be patient while you losing. Finding the 6th goblin will not be easy. You also should be patient in auto chess like normal chess 🙂

Anyway, goblins and assassins strategy is the most popular in auto chess and, I don’t prefer. Timbersaw and clockwerk and tinker on the frontline and Bounty Hunter, Phantom Assassin, Queen of Pain on their backlines.

Also you should keep your 50 gold at least till you reach level 7. So, again and again you have to be patient. Managing the economy is the most important strategy in auto chess.

End Game

You have to choose a way till you reach to 8 level.

  • 3 Assassins
  • 6 Goblins
  • 1 Demon


  • 6 Assassins
  • 3 Goblins
  • 2 Nagas
  • 1 Demon

My opinion? Assassins = Trash. Assassins are the bests as physical damage but, gathering them and defending against to knights are so boring.

So? yes, this guide is not my opinion :))

Auto chess assassins guide

Phantom Assassin also could be a killing machine when reach tier 3 and items.

Note: The assassins’ jump delays have been increased from 0.5 sec to 0.7 sec. (03.30.2019 Patch Notes)

You also need to read the assassins’ informations.

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